Sports footwear

Footwear Moulds

Meccanica STM has 40 years of experience  in producing moulds for ski and motorcycle boots. It has established solid collaborations with some of the leading companies specialised in moulds for extremely complex plastic components.

Ski boots

“Victory comes thanks individual ability combined with high performing equipment”. 

We guarantee high production standards in order for our clients’ boots to obtain the best results on the market and on the ski slopes. As the boots are the connection between the feet and the skis, they are essential to transmit the correct body movements and pressure changes to the skis.

Our objective is to make our clients’ ideas come true, transforming them into something real and helping them to always find the best solution for their needs.

Motorcycle boots

Feet, ankles and legs need maximum support and protection against contusions and abrasions. This is why the big names in the motorcycle wear world never stop experimenting new solutions in terms of materials and design to provide the utmost safety for the feet of great champions.