From designing moulds
to delivering final products

Manufacture Of Moulds For Plastic Materials

Our moulds are filled with the professionalism and knowledge that gives shape to our clients’ ideas. Thanks to state of the art, fully equipped workshops and highly experienced personnel, our moulds for plastic materials  are made to the highest quality standards.

Manufacturing Of Die Casting Moulds

Based on our client’s requests, we make moulds for parts used in the appliance, automotive, engine and office furniture industries.
Design and technique blend and come to shape  in our die casting moulds.

Plastic Moulding

Our moulding area, with highly qualified personnel and a full range of efficient machines, produces plastic parts made from PU, PC, PP, PE, PMMA, POM, PA, PEBAX, RILSAN, ABS, PETG, BLEND for multiple sectors, including sportswear, motorcycle, office furniture, design, medical, appliances and nursery gardening.

Mould Design

Moulds are entirely designed in-house using state of the art programmes. 
The experience of our designers allows us to develop products and moulds optimised for the production process  in terms of quality, efficiency and cost.